Uncommon Places documentation

In Your Own Words

Uncommon Places September 17- October 5, 2014

Melbourne Fringe Festival Keynote Project

Uncommon Places was a series of public art commissions that formed the keynote project for Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2014.

Uncommon Places explored the concept of the Third Place – meaning neither home nor the workplace, but social locations where people gather, converse, catch up and hang out. Third Places stitch the fabric of society together, informal sites that foster civic engagement, political thought, multicultural vibrancy and a sense of belonging.

In Your Own Words by Brienna Macnish is a documentary audio work designed to be listened to in a fast food restaurant in the Melbourne CBD. In Your Own Words looks at Third Places in crisis. Third Places that exist despite corporate efforts to quash them, Third Places that have been eradicated because of prejudice against the groups using them and how one person's social hub can, for another, be the loneliest place in the world.


In Your Own Words, would not have been possible without the generous contributions of the following people, Austin, Azura, Dean Bradley, Rosie D'Aquino, Abby Heeney, Bianca Hill, Jack, Leo, Rupert and Max, James Kounas, Claudia Marapodi, Zane McDonald, Ali Phelan, Elanor Riddoch, Sumeyye, Lisa Theilig.