Image of a boy holding a torch

In A Deep Dark Forest

An Inhabitors Production by Roslyn Oades and Collaborators

A quest for the bravest of the brave

In a faraway place, not so dissimilar to our own, an enchanted forest is in seriously, serious trouble. The ancient trees that once bathed in shafts of golden sunlight have been plunged into darkest shadow. The sun is missing and it is always night. The white horned butterfly, the spotted Thylacine and the penguin fairy, that once frolicked happily, have all disappeared. Our story begins as a tribe of brave children (and their elders), armed with tiny torches, set forth into the darkness on a daring quest to return the light...

In A Deep Dark Forest is an exciting new adventure game, set in a magical pop-up forest and played in the dark. A charming shared adventure for families; this is your chance to experience a live bedtime story together.

Performance Dates

Arts Centre Melbourne, January 11-15, 2017

DreamBIG FESTIVAL Adelaide, May 18-21, 2017


Roslyn Oades
writer and original direction
Adam McConvell
Brienna Macnish
associate director
Robert D Jordan
sound design and composition
Rainbow Sweeny
designer, lighting, stills
Jacob Williams
script consultant
Myfanwy Jones
games consultant

Initiated and produced by Simon Bedford for The Inhabitors

Creative Development

In A Deep Dark Forest was originally developed and created by writer/director Roslyn Oades in collaboration with Simon Bedford, Jacob Williams, Robert D Jordan and Rainbow Sweeny. The project was seeded by City of Melbourne through ArtPlay’s New Ideas Lab 2016 and developed with the assistance of Arts Centre Melbourne & the City of Melbourne Arts Grant Program.

In A Deep Dark Forest drew considerable inspiration from a brainstrust of 9-12 years olds during its development & testing phase at ArtPlay. We would like to acknowledge the input of these generous young gamesters: Ben, Lawrence, Kaspar, Kiki, Morgana, Cilla & Devon.

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